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Design Lab

Take a look at some of SizeChina's innovative ideas in using 3D scan data for product design.

Human Ear Model
October 2011

We are experimenting with capturing the complex ear structure of young Chinese adults. Our goal is to create the world's first ear model database of Chinese population.

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Placing eyeglass frame on 3D head scan
July 2011

We are experimenting with Rhino 3D and Hypershot to create a realistic rendering of a glass frame fitted onto a 3D head model. The head model was scanned at our very own SizeChina lab.

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PolyU School of Design student use 3D scanning in final project
January 2011

In his final design project, Adam, a 4th year student from PolyU School of Design, used a 3D scan of his own head as a reference to design an audio headset. This helped him to decide the dimensional proportion in his 3D CAD model, avoiding the need to produce multiple rapid-prototypes of different dimensions for product fitting, hence reducing project lead time.

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