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Chinese Head Shape

Chinese head shape differs from Western head shape (see video below). To design products that fits the Chinese population, it is critical that you use measurements and 3D models based on Chinese head shapes. SizeChina offers 3D scans, anthropometric landmark data and physical models for Chinese head shapes.

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Courtesy of the National Research Council of Canada (2006)

Information on the human head size and shape are difficult to capture, and even more difficult to understand. Yet, every product that sits on the human head needs this vital information. How do you find and use this information in a way that makes your product fit more people better?

SizeChina has the answer

With over 2000 high-resolution digital head scans from six regions across China, the latest technology, numerous collaborations, smart designers and scientists on our team, SizeChina is the China market expert in anthropometric audit and analysis. We provide comprehensive consultancy services in:

  • Anthropometric measurements charts and tables
  • Anthropometric audit and analysis on head wear, eye wear, and face wear products
  • Analysis on product sizing distribution
  • Headforms and faceforms physical models
  • Rapid head scanning and 3D head shape model creation
  • 3D head digital models in various formats (PLY, IGES, STL)



3D head scan files

Chinese headforms

Design Manuals

Each Faceform is a high resolution 3D anthropometric model. The digital files are available in standard IGES (surface) and STL (mesh) formats.


All 3D head scan files are preprocessed from the original scan for maximum compatibility with CAD systems and are available in IGES and VRML formats.


Headform is a standardized set of adult reference head model that represent the complete range of head sizes in China.


Literature review / statistics / analysis / anthropometric product audits / links.