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Our Team

Roger Ball (PhD)

Roger Ball has been crafting iconic sports products since 1983 for Burton Snowboards, Fisher Price, Cooper Canada, Itech Sports, Brine Lacrosse, Bell Helmets and Nike. During his 25-year teaching career, he has led design studios in North America, Asia and Europe.

Roger is the Eric Yim Endowed Professor of Asian Ergonomics at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he is the Program Leader for the post graduate education. He holds an MFA from the Domus Academy in Milan and a PhD in Ergonomics from TUDeflt University in the Netherlands.

His award winning 3D anthropometric study, SizeChina, has created the first digital database of Chinese head and face shapes. His Asian Ergonomic Lab drives the development of ‘China-fit” products for local and global brands. His research clients include Luxottica, Microsoft, 3M, Cartier, Neurosky and cirque du soleil.

His new book “DesignDirect – how to start your own micro brand” inspires designers to create their own personal brands. It is available on Amazon and at www.designdirect.com.hk.


Jeffrey Leung
Leader of 3D Printed Eyewear Design

Jeffrey Leung is the leader of 3D printed eyewear design and a Research Associate in the Asian Ergonomics Lab in the School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Jeffrey holds an MDes in Design Practices from the HKPU (2012). He has 8 years eyewear design experience and is the founder of Jeffrey Leung Design and design director of ODBO fashion. His collaboration eyewear brand includes Han Kjøbenhavn, Platoy, 3Distribution, 8Agency, ODBO, etc. The new 3D printed eyewear design workshop offers professional consultancy design service, tailor-made eyewear design service and training to stars/artists, eye-related institutions and companies.


Nathan Martin
Statistical Consultant

Nathan received his BSc degree in computing mathematics from City University of Hong Kong. His research area is statistical learning theory and spatial statistics. He joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012, and is now Statistical Consultant of the SizeChina laboratory. He is engaged in the development of learning algorithms of 3D shape model.

He is also an administrator of the 3D anthropometric database of the SizeChina.com for integrating and analyzing data during product design and development in manufacturing and industrial engineering.



Eric Chow (MPhil.)
Research Associate

Eric holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and a Master of Philosophy degree in Human Factors from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has worked as a usability consultant, studying user-interface design for banking and travel industry in Asia. Eric is also an experienced software developer, who can turn findings from usability studies into intuitive user-interface design.

Eric is currently finding ways to integrate SizeChina's vast database of head scan data into 3D-CAD software via an intuitive user-interface, allowing product designers to use Chinese anthropometric data effectively during product design.